As tree surgeons, our job is dangerous in nature. We take as many precautions as possible to ensure the safety of our expert tree team and yourself. Together with these precautions, we also ensure all the staff are trained in many areas to ensure they can carry out jobs professionally and safely.

Tree Surgeon Safety

We also take into consideration conservation efforts and are mindful and respectful of legislation surrounding that aspect of our work.

Standards we adhere to include:

  • British Standard 3998, which is awarded to contractors by local councils.
  • All tree work will be covered by method statements and risk assessment when required by yourself (also known as RAMS).
  • When using lifting gear such as mobile cranes, we have fully qualified staff. They are Banksman and adhere to lifting regulations (LOLAR).
  • Being fully insured to £2 million liability as a contractor.
  • We also use the latest rigging and slinging techniques to ensure all our tree work goes as smoothly as possible and with least risk to people and properties.

Training our staff as experts

All staff trained to City & Guilds NPTC Level 2 chainsaw qualifications. This shows that the operator has practical experience, technical knowledge and their ability has been rigorously assessed. They have all shown the necessary skills identified in a competent, professional operator.

Specific modules include:

  • CS30.1 Chainsaw maintenance
  • CS30.2 Crosscut timber using chainsaw
  • CS31 Felling and processing trees up to 380mm
  • CS32 Felling and processing trees over 380mm
  • CS38 Accessing a tree using a rope and harness
  • CS38.2 Aerial tree rescue operation

Conservation areas & tree preservation orders (TPO)

Local councils have stipulated areas of conservation for buildings. This also covers trees over 4 inches at waist height in the same areas, this is where we come in. We can liaise with the local councils and do a free survey. We can also give recommendations of the work to be undertaken on the trees within the council guidelines. Furthermore, we can also fill out the relevant applications and paperwork.

Tree Preservation Orders (TPO) are as above. However, these can be on any tree or group of trees that have relevant amenity value to the local area. These can be dealt with in an application to the local tree officer. This usually takes 6 weeks for conservation and 8 weeks for Tree Preservation Orders.  Therefore, we work with our clients to ensure this process runs smoothly.

Trees affecting highways

We also deal with Traffic Management companies and local highways with regards to submitting plans. These may be for both companies, for lane closures or road closures to ensure safe tree work operations.