Stump grinding removes the troublesome base of the tree after it has been felled. There are many benefits for removing a stump. We are able to carry out this task with our very own equipment, which will remove stumps of any size and in awkward to reach areas.

Stump grinding is a service that you may look to find out more about if you have recently had a tree cut down. The process requires the use of specialised machinery.

Why is it advised that the stump is removed?

Beyond the fact that a tree stump may look out of place or unsightly, there are other reasons why you may have it removed. Our stump grinding service is an affordable and effective service.

Old tree stumps, if left can take up precious room and space in your garden. While many of us may have grand ideas of carved and beautiful designs, it is not always possible (or affordable). They can also pose as a danger or hazard if you have little children. Therefore, stump grinding can provide a safer space.

Did you know that if a stump isn’t removed that new sprouts can grow around the stump? There are instances where these can be troublesome and may need regular care in order to keep them at bay. Remember that these shoots will be taking nutrients from surrounding plants and shrubs. Therefore, care needs to be taken to remove these promptly.

Another incentive to have the stump removed is the fact that the stump, when left for a long time, can become decayed. This attracts insects including termites, beetles and ants to your garden. Grinding away and removing the stump will ensure that your garden doesn’t become a haven for all of the local insect life!

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