Macclesfield Tree Surgeons

We are accredited tree surgeons, serving Macclesfield and the surrounding areas. It is that time of year again where everything starts to grow and mature in your garden. We look forward to spending more time in our gardens. However, there are sometimes jobs left from previous years that we may have wished we had sorted. Some trees seem to become too large to handle in what seems like overnight.

Macclesfield Tree Surgeons

You wouldn’t believe how many clients we have that say this causes neighbour disputes. Whether they feel you are blocking their sunlight, or your tree is dropping into their garden, it can be quite a stressful situation. Nobody wants to live with tension. You want to be able to enjoy your garden and get the most from it.

Tree Surgeons – Incredibly Insights

“I have no hesitation in strongly recommending Bostock Total Tree Services, and agree with the other excellent reviews posted about this company. I found Ben to be knowledgeable and very professional. His quote was competitively priced and he and his team were very pleasant and conscientious throughout. They removed and ground out the stumps of two lengths of old hedging; felled and stump ground three trees and pruned an old cherry tree for us. They were punctual, efficient and hardworking, despite working in almost continuous rain, and we were especially impressed with the way they tidied up the site afterwards.”

Problem trees can also be the source of some stress. We are happy to provide information and advice based on your individual issues. This may be related to disease or growth issues. We will do our utmost to achieve the best results for you. Our team are equipped to deal with domestic projects as well as larger commercial tree services.

If you would like to find out more about our tree service prices, get in touch by calling 07855 859983. If we don’t answer, leave a message and we will make sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

Tree Surgery Macclesfield

Bostock Total Tree Services are offer tree surgery services for Macclesfield and throughout Cheshire. Our range of services offer support to our clients, looking to maintain their beautiful and healthy trees and shrubs.

After many years of experience, we have reached the top of our profession. As ISA certified arborists, we are experts in diagnosing and treating problems to help protect your plants, as well as your landscape investment.

Tree services cover a large area. We provide tree care to both our domestic and commercial customer’s properties. We are able to completely tailor our services so that you are able to get the most from our services. All comes with advice and support.

Tree Surgery – Arborist Advice

Bostock Total Tree Services are an accredited tree care company. Furthermore, we are committed to providing an excellent service. If you have any questions about specific issues you are having, get in touch and we will be happy to help. This sometimes involves diagnostic services to identify health issues with your trees.

Tree Surgery Macclesfield

We have at our disposal a full range of machinery to ensure the project is completed quickly, efficiently and with minimal disruption. Furthermore, because we maintain and care for our machinery, safety is at the forefront of our provision.

“I am a local gardener and have subcontracted Total Tree Services a number of times, and have absolutely no hesitation passing their number onto my customers. Ben’s work is thorough, safely carried out and second to none. He is hands down the most reliable Arborist in the area and I look forward to working with him again.” – Luke Burras

What we don’t know about tree services isn’t worth knowing and we bring all of skillset to each project we complete.  If you have a question or would like to request a quote, please call today on 07855 859983. The sunnier weather is just round the corner. A time where we all spend more time in our gardens. Let us help you get the most from your garden.

Stump Grinding Services Macclesfield

We offer specialist stump grinding services for all areas that we serve. We are currently based in Macclesfield and serve all of the surrounding areas including Congleton, Alderley Edge, Wilmslow, Sandbach and Cheshire.

It a tree has fallen or has been taken down and you are left with a stump, there are different reasons why you may wish to have it removed. Removing a tree stump is not just a matter of aesthetics, it is actually a safer alternative. Most believe that it is a personal preference and this is not always the case.

Stump Grinding – Why Remove the Tree Stump?

Stump grinding Macclesfield

Homes with children often worry about leaving a stump above ground. They feel that it provides a potential hazard for their children while playing.

Tree stumps can quickly become breeding grounds for unwanted insects in your garden. As the wood breaks down, it becomes a great habitat for insects.

If not treated appropriately, the tree stump will also likely start to harbour diseases or fungus. There are not good if you have children and are also not good for your surrounding plants.

The process of breaking down a tree stump takes many, many years, leading into decades in some cases. Therefore, not everyone has the luxury of that time. They may have a plan for that space to become something else (useable).

What are my options?

There are two main options if faced with this problem. These include stump grinding and tree stump removal. The main difference is that with the stump grinding process, the stump will be ground down, leaving the roots underground to die off over time. They will decompose slowly and naturally, and you won’t have the same issues as a stump that is left above ground.

Stump removal removes the entire stump and the tree’s roots. This can sometimes be seen as a more invasive treatment and may cause disruption. However, it is the best option if you are looking to replant something in the place where the old tree once was.

We are on hand to offer tailored advice to achieve the best results for you. If you would like to request a quote, please contact Bostock Total Tree Services on 07855 859983.

Benefits of Regular Tree Pruning

Tree pruning and maintenance really is the key. Trees are a really important part of our garden landscape. Beyond their beauty, they provide shade and other ecological benefits. To fully enjoy this, its important to keep up to date with pruning and maintenance of your trees. This will keep your trees looking great and will promote the good health of your treasured trees. The following benefits have been put together in order to help you understand the benefits of tree pruning and maintenance.

Tree Pruning ensures the safety of your property

Tree Pruning Macclesfield

Trees can provide hazards for your home and the people who live there. Regular tree pruning can quickly identify any potential hazards. Hazards can arise from both diseased or overgrown trees. Pruning also helps to keep the individual tree health and strong which works to protect them.

Getting the most from your trees offers great value. Correct tree pruning helps to shape a tree which promotes natural growth patterns. Getting into good habits with your garden is always a good idea. Getting to know your local tree surgeon will offer great benefit as you will gain a host of advice and support in relation to keeping your trees healthy and manageable.

Tree Pruning improves the overall look of your garden

Trees that are regularly being pruned will have a better appearance. They will be shaped and tidy. It is easy for a tree to make your property look better. However, a poorly cared for tree can also quickly detract from your property’s appearance. Regular clipping and pruning helps to promote growth of healthy new branches, offering a fuller canopy.

An overgrown tree can provide issues for your garden. You can easily and quickly find yourself in a position where a large part of your garden is covered in shade. In some cases, this is ok, however, people would also like the option of having sun. Furthermore, large trees can create issues between neighbours as you end up shading their garden or branches grow over their boundary. Pruning and maintenance helps to avoid any conflicts such as these.

Tree Pruning promotes healthy growth of your trees

Professional tree pruning quickly identifies any issues your tree may be having. The process can remove diseased or damaged branches. Furthermore, this can prevent any disease unnecessarily spreading to other parts of your tree. The key point is to promote healthy growth so that your tree is in its best position to grow healthy branches and foliage.

We are trusted, professional tree surgeons serving Macclesfield and the surrounding areas. Call today on 07855 859983.

Spring Is in The Air

There are clear signs that Spring isn’t too far in the distant future. It is a wonderful time for so many reasons. But also, because everyone starts to think about their garden. The sad thing is that our gardens are likely all looking a little sad at the moment. There may be small signs of Spring, but the signs of Winter seem to be still looming.

We offer a comprehensive range of services. Details of each of these services are visible throughout our website and include tree removal, tree pruning, tree felling, stump grinding, tree reshaping and more.

Tree Surgeon Macclesfield

Our team are on hand to offer a 24-hour emergency call-out service; we are a truly convenient tree surgeons. We take great pride in our work. We arrange appointments at a time convenient for our clients and we will always be prompt and professional.

“I would be happy to recommend Total Tree Services, We have used them on three occasions and found Ben and his team to be to be knowledgeable and professional. They have always been reliable, efficient and clear everything away. They have always been pleasant to deal with.” – Peter Roche

What does Spring mean for our Gardens?

Spring tends to be that time where we plan ahead for the times when we get to enjoy our gardens. Through Spring and Summer we all tend to spend as much time in our gardens as possible. This does come with some work to prepare the space so that it is enjoyable and manageable. Tree care is a large part of this. Trees that have become overgrown can become problematic. Therefore, it is important that your trees are regularly trimmed in order to maintain them.

“I am a local gardener and have sub contracted Total Tree Services a number of times, and have absolutely no hesitation passing their number onto my customers. Ben’s work is thorough, safely carried out and second to none. He is hands down the most reliable Arborist in the area and I look forward to working with him again.” – Luke Burras

If you are considering asking for help with any tree services, please get in touch by calling 07855 859983.

Damage From Overgrown Trees

Damage from overgrown trees can offer a real challenge for a homeowner. When we discuss damage, it is an obvious fact that there is a completely sliding scale. Damage may only mean issues with your guttering due to falling leaves, twigs or branches. However, damage can also mean that a tree is growing too close to your home.

What Can Damage from Overgrown Trees be?

Damage From Overgrown Trees Macclesfield

If a tree is growing too close to your home or an outbuilding, it can cause a number of issues. If planted entirely too close then the tree could damage brickwork, guttering and even roof tiles. While  a tree may be slow growing, it is important not to underestimate the power of its growth. Major structural damage can be caused, offering great stress and pressure to those having to sort it.

Another element to consider is the possible issues caused by the tree roots. If a tree is planted too close to a building, then the large roots can cause problems with lifting pathways, blocked drains and free-standing walls.

Most trees growing near buildings or other structures cause no damage. However, there are cases where structural or subsidence damage can be linked with tree roots. Why is this? As trees grow, their root systems expand. As they grown they need more moisture from the areas they cover. This takes moisture from the surrounding soil which makes it shrink further. This can cause movement within the ground and can eventually lead to subsidence or damage to building foundations.

It is important to remember that this is in extreme cases. However, it is always a good idea to request the support and thoughts of a professional. We will be able to help and guide you to find the best option for the trees on your land. There are many options available, and this does not always result in the complete removal of a tree.

If you would like to find out more or request a quote for tree surgery services, please get in touch today on 07855 859983.

Removing Large Problem Trees Stockport

Removing large problem trees needs a lot of preparation. This process is straightforward to us but there are many elements that need consideration before work starts. We are equipped to take on this work with the assurance of a professional tree removal service.

Removing large problem trees Stockport

When a tree becomes so large that it is problematic it is likely to be stopping light for your land or property. It may also be causing a problem for light for your neighbours. It happens frequently that problem trees become the cause of many neighbour disputes. It is therefore really important that you keep on top of your tree pruning in order to avoid any future issues.

Removing Large Branches

If you are looking to remove large branches from a tree rather than remove it entirely, the following advice should be followed.

If a branch is removed too close to the trunk of a tree, the weight of the branch is likely to tear away. When this happens, it is likely to damage the bark. This leaves a scar and creates an area that may increase the chance of letting disease enter the wound. There are better ways to remove unwanted branches:

It is a good idea to remove all small branches from the larger branch you are about to remove. This process makes the job simpler and safer. Furthermore, it enables you see what you are doing.

About a foot from the trunk, undercut the branch. This means making an upward cut about half to two-thirds through the branch. You will then need to make a downward cut, three to four inches further along the branch.

At this point you will find the weight of the branch will collapse. The branch will then tear until it meets the lower cut. From this point carry on the downward cut until the branch comes away. Please note the short stump now left can now be removed. Saw as close to the trunk as possible.

If you would like help in removing large problem trees, please call us today on 07855 859983. We are time-served and trusted tree surgeons serving Stockport and Cheshire.

Dangerous Tree Removal Stockport

We offer dangerous tree removal services for Stockport and throughout Cheshire. This beautiful tree had been condemned by the local council. This meant that it had to be taken down. Dangerous trees can offer many problems and if not dealt with can easily cause damage to property and people.

Why would a tree be classed as dangerous?

There are different signs of diseased or dying trees. These come in the form of bark abnormalities, decay, dead branches and even leaf discolouration. In this case there was clear deep cracks and decay.

Did you know that responsibility of dangerous trees nearly always falls on the owner of the land on which they grow? Please note that there are some exceptions to this rule. You should always look into such matters when it is unclear. It is often called into question when trees are growing on shared land or public areas. Your local council will always be able to offer valuable information and advice in relation to this matter.

It is important that you know what you are dealing with. Trees (especially large ones) can have preservation orders on them. Again, it is your responsibility to check this prior to undertaking any tree work. As professional tree surgeons we are able to offer information and advice in relation to this.

We deal with a lot of commercial tree surgery work and therefore have likely come across the query before. We own our own machinery so come well-equipped to take on any tree work.

Furthermore, we are available 24 hours a day for any urgent enquiries. We work incredibly hard to offer a first-class service for each of our clients.

Some of our clients commented:

“Ben has a great team, they were right on time, very polite, worked really efficiently and safely and made a fantastic job of felling our tree. I would highly recommend their services.” – Sabina Hawthornthwaite

“Ben and his team have been amazing. I had to have a large conifer removed. They were really professional and efficient. All logs etc were removed and driveway tidied up. Price of the job was great. Thanks Ben and team.” – Jayne McGrath

If you would like to request a quotation or are in need of dangerous tree removal, please call today on 07855 859983.

Trusted Tree Surgeons in Stockport

We are leading trusted tree surgeons in Stockport and Cheshire. We offer domestic and commercial tree surgery services with a team of highly skilled and qualified tree surgeons. Our arboriculture services cover all aspects, and we are well-equipped to take on all projects.

Tree Surgeon Hazel Grove

Are you looking for a leading tree surgeon based in Stockport? A lot of our clients like to use local companies. This has been especially important in recent times. We specialise in all aspects of tree care services including tree felling, pruning, stump grinding and more. We offer competitive pricing for our work with a host of 5 star reviews. For what we do it is important that our team are qualified. This comes through vast experience and training. Our team are also covered by our comprehensive insurance.

It is that time of year again where we all start to envision our summer-time garden. This may mean a lot of work for some individuals. It will also mean planning for what trees and shrubs have become too large. A lot of our clients look for our tree services at this time. They want to make sure that trees are sorted prior to spring growth.

A Free Quotation Service

We offer a free quotation service for our tree surgery work. This offers details about the work we will undertake. We will also advise you as to when we could possibly schedule the work. We always try to work with our clients to arrange times that are convenient for them.

One of our clients recently commented:

“Ben and his team were very professional – worked hard and efficiently completed the job at hand. Polite and cleaned up brilliantly after they had finished the job – would definitely recommend!”

If you would like to get in touch to find out more about our work as trusted tree surgeons, please call today on 07855 859983. Please note we are taking Government Guidelines very seriously in order to protect our clients and our staff during these times.

Stockport Tree Surgeon

Are you searching for a Stockport Tree Surgeon? We have lived in and served Stockport for decades. Therefore, we have built a reputation based on our professional services and great results. Reviews of our services can be found on our Google listing and spread throughout our social media accounts.

Our most recent client commented:

“I have no hesitation in strongly recommending Bostock Total Tree Services, and agree with the other excellent reviews posted about this company. I found Ben to be knowledgeable and very professional. His quote was competitively priced and he and his team were very pleasant and conscientious throughout. They removed and ground out the stumps of two lengths of old hedging; felled and stump ground three trees and pruned an old cherry tree for us. They were punctual, efficient and hardworking, despite working in almost continuous rain, and we were especially impressed with the way they tidied up the site afterwards.”

Stockport Tree Surgeon

We own all of our own machinery. This means that it is conscientiously looked after and maintained. We carry out a range of domestic and commercial tree surgery work. We can undertake larger projects confidently and can help with all planning and necessary processes related to this.

There are many tree surgeons in Stockport, Cheshire. It is important that you select a time-served company that can offer you the best, professional results. Owning their own machinery is important. Alongside this, they should have reference to a range of reviews. They should have the appropriate liability insurance and are ideally open 24 hours for emergency works.

We are able to offer all of this to our clients. We work throughout Stockport, Hazel Grove, Poynton, Wilmlsow, Alderley Edge, Prestbury, Knutsford and Cheshire. Our tree work is competitively priced, and we look to arrange your work at a time convenient for you. We take pride in our work and go the extra mile for each client. Please call today on 07855 859983; your professional Stockport Tree Surgeon.

Tree Surgeons Stockport

Tree Surgeons Stockport

Tree surgeons offer a range of services. It is important that you feel assured when planning for your tree work. It may be that you know what you want doing. Or it may be that you need our help and advice to plan the project.

This is why it means so much when we receive such incredible reviews from our clients.

Our clients recently commented:

Tree works Stockport

“Delighted with Ben & lads work once again. Efficient, diligent & extremely tidy job over 2 days…lots of tall conifers trimmed down and 2 felled totally. Excellent price – highly recommend.” – Colette McGonigle

“I have no hesitation in strongly recommending Bostock Total Tree Services and agree with the other excellent reviews posted about this company. I found Ben to be knowledgeable and very professional. His quote was competitively priced and he and his team were very pleasant and conscientious throughout. They removed and ground out the stumps of two lengths of old hedging; felled and stump ground three trees and pruned an old cherry tree for us. They were punctual, efficient and hardworking, despite working in almost continuous rain, and we were especially impressed with the way they tidied up the site afterwards.” – Michael J. Myerscough

As professional tree surgeons we are able to plan you tree work methodically. Safety is vital and we own all of our own machinery. This means that we are in control of service, maintenance and upkeep of it. We are fastidious about this. We are therefore confidently able to offer the best possible results, safely.

Whether you are looking for tree reshaping or tree removal, we can help. We offer our tree services for Hazel Grove, Stockport, Poynton, Wilmslow, Alderley Edge, Knutsford, Prestbury and the surrounding Cheshire areas. Call our friendly staff on 07855 859983. We offer a 24 hour call out service and work come rain or shine, throughout the year to meet your tree surgery needs.

Cutting Back Trees Knutsford

Cutting back trees is an important element of keeping on top of their growth. It also helps maintain the health of your garden trees. This time of year may not be the best weather wise. However, it is an incredible time of year for cutting back trees or tree reduction.

Removing problem trees Wilmslow

Why is this? Your trees and shrubs will have grown hugely through the spring and summer months. The milder weather (combined with our usual rain) means that they grow well during these months. Younger trees and older trees work in the same way. However, it is likely that growth on younger trees is more visible.

After this period of growth, the leaves will have fallen. This means that you are left with the branches that can more easily be cut back. It will prepare the tree for further growth next year. Furthermore, it allows you to keep on top of tree sizing. Trees do often grow quickly, and their growth can get out of hand. This means that more major tree work is needed and can become quite costly.

Cutting Down Trees – Ask for Help

Rather than leaving it until it is too late, it is important to ask for help. Cutting back trees, reshaping trees and general tree work is our passion. We are happy to discuss our services and what methods will work best for you. It is important that you receive advice based on what you want. There is no blanket right answer and therefore a tailored service is vital.

Our clients experience in dealing with us is really important. Some of our clients commented:

“I have used this company on several occasions and their service is excellent, very professional, hard working and reliable. I obtained three competitive quotes and theirs was the cheapest of the three. I would not hesitate in recommending this company.”

“Very efficient and good service, they did a really good job and left the garden very tidy. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.”

Call today on 07855 859983.

Tree Services Stockport Reviews

Stockport Tree Surgeon

Tree services work is incredibly rewarding. We work hard to provide our clients with a first-class service. This is in terms of the results we deliver alongside offering the best possible customer service. Here are just some of our most recent reviews:

Bostock Total Tree Services Reviews

Ben and his team did a great job on reshaping an overgrown conifer, reduced the height of a number of very tall conifers and cut down an old Larch tree this week. The guys worked hard, removed all the logs and branches and left the garden immaculate. No hesitation in recommending – Kim Brooks

Ben did an excellent job removing a couple of trees. He provides a highly professional and efficient service. I’m very happy to recommend him – Bramhall Park Physiotherapy

Professional advice and excellent service provided. Would highly recommend – John Gilmartin

Delighted with Ben & lads work once again. Efficient, diligent & extremely tidy job over 2 days…lots of tall conifers trimmed down and 2 felled totally. Excellent price – highly recommend – Colette McGonigle

Thanks to Ben and the lads. 3rd trim for our Oak over last 10 years and, as usual, a neat looking tree and everything cleaned up thoroughly. I have no hesitation recommending them however big or small the job. They like to leave trees standing and healthy if possible which suits me – Ged

What a fabulous and personable company. Ben responded to my initial query within the hour to arrange a visit and quotation and turned up soon after to give his advice on my tree with a quote that was competitive. To add to that he also gave advice on my other trees and named a few of them too for me as I didn’t have a clue what they were!

A few days later I called again worried about the storm which was due to happen over the weekend. Ben came round within twenty minutes (on a Friday afternoon!) to top my tree as he knew I was concerned and wanted it doing quickly. I couldn’t have asked for more outstanding service.

My tree has been saved and I also have peace of mind. I wouldn’t go anywhere else other than to Ben Bostock and his team for any tree worries – shetv20091

If you would like to find out more about our tree services, please call 07855 859983.

Tree Felling Hazel Grove

Tree Surgeons Hazel Grove

Felling trees in its very nature demands safety. Safety is always a big deal for us, but this is never truer than in current times. Many of our clients have spent a lot more time than normal in their homes. While there are many jobs that people are tackling themselves, often tree removal is not a possibly DIY project.

We aim to offer our clients absolute confidence that we are taking government guidelines very seriously. We make sure that we are working in line with these. As tree surgeons work outside, we face less challenges than other trades but still adhere to necessary distancing restrictions.

Removing problem trees Hazel Grove

People are spending more time at home. We have therefore been fortunate to have a steady demand for tree surgery services over the last few months. Our customers are wanting to get jobs done in their home. This means they are calling on our services to get our help.

We have been working hard on many projects. We cover the Cheshire area including Hazel Grove, Wilmslow, Alderley Edge, Prestbury and Knutsford. One of our clients recently commented:

“Absolutely fantastic job done, really neat and tidy! Highly Recommend Ben and his team”.

Tree Surgeon Hazel Grove

Felling Trees; Its What We Do:

Our services cover all aspects tree surgery work including tree felling, hazardous tree removal, tree pruning and reshaping, stump grinding and commercial tree surgery. Our team are comprehensively trained and experienced.

It is often taken for granted the importance of safety. However, there are so many dangers that need to be considered. This includes property, possessions and people. Not only do we need to build a plan protecting the people completing the task, but also those surrounding the area.

Tree Surgeon near me

Each and every project is carefully thought out in order to complete the task in the safest and most efficient way. Our clients often comment on our professionalism and the tidy way in which we work.

Are you looking for a tree surgeon? Contact us today on 07855 859983.

Eucalyptus Tree Removal Prestbury Cheshire

Tree Removal Prestbury

This is our most recent Eucalyptus tree removal project. This is a beautiful time of year to get into your garden and make sure that it looks just as you wish. There are many elements of gardening that you can do yourself. There may also be elements that you need assistance with.

We received a call from a client looking for us to remove this Eucalyptus tree in their garden in Prestbury, Cheshire. The tree had outgrown its location and the root plate had started to fail in the high winds.

Removing problem trees Prestbury

What does this mean?

Root failure is a structural failure or breakage of a root. A tree failure does not include the death of the tree; however, it is likely that action will need to be taken. There are structural practices that you can complete in order to save the tree. However, depending on the size of the tree or other aspects, tree removal may be necessary.

Tree Surgeons Prestbury

What happens to tree roots when a tree is cut down?

Without leaves, a tree that is cut down cannot produce food for the growth of its roots. This means that generally the roots will decompose. Some species can sprout from the roots; however, most will not grow back.

Root failure Prestbury

It is important that you request information and advice from your tree surgeon. Some trees are individual, and it is important that you build a plan that will offer you the result you need.

This Eucalyptus tree removal project ran smoothly, and the danger of the tree failing was eliminated. We are able to offer detailed advice for problem trees. Tree removal is not always the answer so if there is anything else that can be done, we will be sure to offer that advice.

We take great pride in our work. If you would like to request a quotation, please call today on 07855 859983.

The Best Advice for Tree Removal

Tree removal: when trees have become too large for your home or garden, tree removal is sometimes your only option. There are many reasons why removing trees may be necessary and these have been discussed before. However, when it comes to this time, it is important that you are equipped to deal with this in the best possible way.

Our Top Tips for Removing Trees

Our top tip is to ensure that you have the correct machinery. We are always discussing safety when working; this is an absolutely essential aspect. However, working alongside this, it is essential to have the correct machinery. This machinery is essential because:

Tree Removal Alderley Edge
  • It will ensure that the project is completed quickly and efficiently
  • The end result will likely be better
  • The waste material will be disposed of correctly
  • Safety will always be a priority

In making this statement we realise that it is not always possible for individuals to get their hands on the appropriate tree removal machines. Reputable tree surgeons heavily invest in such machinery so that they are able to offer a professional service for their clients. We have made such investments and deem this necessary as we are then able to maintain and service our machinery to ensure they remain in great working order.

Tree Removal Specialists:

Whether you are removing trees, stump grinding or reshaping trees, it is vital to have access to the necessary machinery. Alongside our tree services we are able to offer information and advice on when it is best to complete such work and the cost to offer our services. We are equipped to deal with larger scale projects and offer an exceptional provision as standard. If you would like to find out more about us, please call today on 07855 859983. We will make sure to answer all enquiries as soon as possible.

Expert Tree Services Stockport

Firstly, it is more important now than ever to be working safely. While safety has always been at the forefront of our priorities, in recent times it has become more so. While we continue to work (safely) we have identified that many homeowners are looking to improve their home environment. While there are so many worries, people are finding solace in spending time in their gardens. They are looking to make it a special environment for them to spend time in. There is a lot of work that can be done by individuals but there are also areas where people need help.

This is where our expert tree services come into play. If people are looking to spend more time in their gardens, they want them to be light and bright. People are starting already to see that there are overgrown trees and other issues that they need support with.

Tree Services Stockport

Arboriculture is the cultivation of shrubs and trees, and we pride ourselves on the quality and level of service which we offer. The range of services that we offer include:

  • Tree felling
  • Hazardous tree removal
  • Tree pruning and reshaping
  • Stump grinding and more

We are committed to the highest level of professionalism and take pride in the way we work. As a result, we own all of our equipment. This includes stump grinders to Mini-Diggers. We have invested heavily in this machinery to allow us to give you the best possible service.

Many of our clients search for ‘tree surgeons near me’. It is important to find professionals who are local to you. Make sure to find a reputable Company who have vast experience in both smaller and larger scale tree surgery. We are passionate about what we do and are confident in our provision of expert tree services. If you would like a quotation, please call today on 07855 859983.

Tree Stump Removal Advice

Tree stump removal can be confusing. There is a host of information available on the Internet if you search how to remove tree stumps. It is flooded with advice on different methods to remove tree stumps. However, there does (and many would agree) come a time where the stump is just too large to tackle on your own. Why may you ask for help? Again, if the stump is too large it would be unreasonable to tackle the job on your own. Other reasons may include people’s limitation of time or their inclination.

However, if you are looking for advice on stump removal, the following information should help.

The fastest way of removing stumps is to:

  • Expose the roots; use a shovel to dig next to the stump.
  • Cut the roots; this can be done using loppers or a root saw if necessary
  • Remove the roots, exposing all of the stump
  • The stump can then be dug up and removed
  • The hole or gap left will need to be filled
Stump removal Stockport

Now obviously this is advice for a small tree. If the tree you have cut down is of any size this process will not work. Some other methods include drilling holes into the stump then scooping substances into each hole with boiling water in order to burn the stump material. Substances include bleach, herbicides, stump killer products and more.

It is really important that if you select one of these methods that you invest time reading instructions. It is also important to ensure that you complete the project safely. Some products are dangerous and corrosive and should not be used with pets or children around.

Another method is stump grinding. We are able to help quickly and efficiently remove stumps with our state-of-the-art stump grinder. We have all of our own machinery to ensure we are using the best available. It is also important as we care for and look after the machinery. Call today to enquire about tree stump removal on 07855 859983 to enquire.

How To Deal with Overgrown Trees

Overgrown trees can cause homeowners some real problems. Local tree surgeons can help! Overgrown trees can block out light, overhang other people’s boundaries or pavements. As the owner of the land, you are responsible for all vegetation growing on that land. If vegetation (i.e. trees or hedges) start to grow over boundary lines, you can be reported. This process is in place so that if trees or shrubs are causing an obstruction, they can be dealt with. It needs to be enforceable if over a public highway.

What happens if trees are overhanging your garden?

local tree surgeons

There are different elements of the law that you need to be aware of. Much of these may seem strange. However, you do not want to put yourself in a position where a neighbour dispute gets ugly. If you have a question you can always call your local council or see if your chosen tree surgeon has advice.

If a tree or hedge is growing over your boundary, by law you are able to cut them back. Here is the bit that some people find hard to believe. You must, under law, offer to return the cut material to the landowner. Another thing that you should be aware of is that if any work you do to trim the tree or shrub causes it to die that you may be held responsible. In a worst-case scenario you may then find legal proceedings against you, should your neighbour so wish to.

Please always ensure to check if you live in a conservation area or whether the tree is protected by a Tree Preservation Order. If this is the case, you will require additional consent prior to any works being carried out.

It is always worth investing a little time into gathering information. Don’t rush into cutting down trees and always ask for information advice from local tree surgeons. We are local and professional tree surgeons serving Cheshire. Call 07855 859 983 for more information about overgrown trees.

Tree Removal Bramhall

Tree removal and stump grinding can be a complicated process. Over time trees can grow to create natural boundaries between properties or sections of land. These work really well until the time that they become to large. When we plant trees , we rarely take into account as to how tall they will grow. Or that room that the individual trees would need. Therefore, as they grow, they can become problematic.

Other issues can be attributed to light restriction that can be created by growing trees. This was certainly the case with this project. Once the branches started to be taken down, the light started pouring into the once darkened space.

Stump Grinding Bramhall

All trees were cut down systematically, leaving the large tree stumps. A stump grinder is then used to remove these from the ground.

Here are some frequently asked questions we often receive about stump grinding.

How do stump grinders work?

A stump grinder is high-powered equipment that removes tree stumps. This is done by a rotating cutting disc that grinds away the tree stump. The machinery is controlled by hydraulic cylinders that push the cutter head laterally through the stump.

Is it better to grind a stump or remove it?

Grinding stumps is much more efficient than stump removal. One thing you should consider is that it will, however, leave the tree’s roots behind. If the stump is large, the chip pile produced can also be large. These chips can form mulch or you can ask your chosen tree surgeon to remove the chips for an agreed price.

How long does it take for a tree stump to rot?

The rate at which tree stumps rot or deteriorate does depend on so many factors. The process can take between 3 to 10 years. Some factors that make this range change are the type of tree or the location of the stump. Softer woods decompose quicker than harder wood.

If you are looking for help with tree removal or tree felling, please contact us today on 07855 859983.

Searching for ‘Tree Surgeons near me’?

We pride ourselves on the repeat custom that we earn through the commitment to a brilliant service. Tree surgeons have to work hard, and they have to make sure they are safe. Projects can vary hugely, and it is important that each one is carefully considered in order to produce and execute the best plan.

It is great to hear that a large number of our new clients come from client recommendations. People looking to have tree surgery work done get great peace of mind received a recommendation. This means they have a connection to previous work we have completed. They will know our work ethic and that they are dealing with professionals.

Your Opinion Matters!

These are just some of our most recent customer reviews. We hope this helps you to decide we are the best tree surgeon for you.

“Ben and his team were brilliant, really easy to work with, and they made a tricky job look easy. They managed the traffic, made short work of our leaning willow tree …and then tidied up. I would happily recommend Total tree services. Thanks Ben.”Mike Saville

“Excellent professional services from the team. Very efficient and left the garden tidy after taking down the tree and grinding a large stump out. All staff were very polite and friendly and would definitely recommend.”Paul Everett

“Ben did a fantastic job of taking down a very large Scott’s pine tree which had grown too large in my back garden. I went to work knowing that the job was going to be done that day. When I came home I wouldn’t have known anyone had been apart from the fact my tree was gone. No mess whatsoever and all the wood taken away. Highly recommended and not over priced. Thank you.” Liz Allison

If you have searched for ‘tree surgeons near me’; let Bostock Total Tree Services offer a no obligation quotation. We are confident we are the best tree surgeons to complete the work to the best and highest standards. Call today on 07855 859983.

Tree Pruning Stockport

When trees outgrow their spaces, tree reduction may be the best idea. The best advice available is to tackle this issue sooner rather than later. The longer you leave it, the harder the job will be. You have to consider recovery for the tree so it is important that you don’t do something that will harm the tree.

Overgrown Trees Davenport Park

Why might tree pruning be needed?

There are a range of reasons why a tree may need pruning. It does not just need to be because the tree is oversized. It may be because the tree has dead or diseased branches. So many clients are unaware of the way in which trees can be affected and how they should be cared for.

It is usually best to try and keep tree growth under control with regular pruning. We realise that this may not always be practical. It may be that you move into a property with overgrown trees in the garden. This may mean that you need to be proactive in how best to get the trees cared for.

Local tree surgeons Davenport Park

When should you reduce trees?

You will usually find that tree surgeons advise the best time to prune a tree is in late summer. This is when tree healing is most rapid. There can be complications if you prune a tree at the incorrect time. Getting advice from a time-served professional is by far the best idea.

How to reduce tree size

Depending on the tree involved and the intended effect there are several tree pruning strategies. These may include:

  • An overall trim
  • Pruning when the tree is dormant
  • Pollarding
  • Crown lifting
  • Crown thinning

It is important that you are aware of any preservation orders on any particular tree. It is our job to care about your tree care and how best to approach tree reduction. If you would like to request a quotation, please call us today on 07855859983.

Looking for Tree Surgeons in Bramhall? Find out how we can help

Tree Surgeon Davenport Park

We are local tree surgeons serving both Bramhall and Stockport. We were recently asked to help this client in Davenport Park. It is an area of great heritage.

Did you know?

Davenport Park is built on land originally owned by the Davenports family. Most of their estates were sold to on. The area we now know as Davenport Park was sold by John Davenport to John Simpson of Stockport in 1877.

Tree Surgeons Davenport Park

The park was developed over forty years from the 1890s to the second world war. This meant that the houses were reflected the styles of the Victorian and Edwardian designs. It is an area of great beauty. Alongside this are the mature gardens of these beautiful homes.

We were recently asked to help this client with a few problem trees. As the homes in Davenport Park are steeped with history; so are the trees. There are many, many mature trees throughout the area. This means that assistance is often needed in order to prune trees, reduce trees and other tree work.

Problem Trees Davenport Park

Some large trees block out light. This is not an ideal solution for anyone, and larger trees can become problematic, if left. All elements of the job were discussed prior to us starting. We reduced the tree so that it was a more acceptable size and did not limit the light as much to the surrounding houses. If you are out in the garden and need more sunshine, we could reduce or crown thin your trees for more natural light penetration with no removal needed.

As professional tree surgeons, we offer competitive pricing for our tree work. Please get in touch today to request a quote. We have vast experience in both domestic and commercial tree removal services. If you have questions or would like a no obligation tree surgery quote, please get in contact on 07855859983.

Caring For Mature Trees

We are well into the season where our clients are trying to maintain and keep on top of their gardens. So many of our clients find gardening therapeutic. However, find that their larger mature trees and bushes are difficult to maintain once a certain size. Mature tree care is really quite important.

Think of tree care as an investment. Having a healthy mature tree increases in value throughout its lifetime. How so?

  • It can increase property values
  • It beautifies your homes surroundings
  • Purifies the air
  • And offers energy saving solutions (such as cool from the summer’s sun and protection from a cold winter breeze).

It is important to complete a yearly inspection of your more mature trees.This assesses four elements of tree vitality: new leaf formation, leaf size, twig growth, and absence of crown dieback. This is the gradual death of the upper part of the tree.

As experienced arborists we are able to offer in depth assessments of tree health. Abnormalities found in this process may include:

  • Insect activity
  • Deformed, discoloured, or dead leaves and twigs
  • Disease

At this point we are able to offer information and advice on treatment options. These may include mulching, soil treatment or may, in some cases, require full removal. Although tree removal is a last resort, there are circumstances when it is necessary.

Tree Removal Prestbury

We are able to help decipher whether or not a tree should be removed. Our skillset and equipment allow us to safely and efficiently remove trees.

When may a tree removal be recommended?

  • If a tree is dead or dying
  • If it is considered to be hazardous to its surroundings
  • The tree may be causing an obstruction
  • The tree may be crowding other trees (where pruning may not be sufficient)

Either way we will offer you comprehensive advice and support to ensure the best solution for you. With the correct maintenance and care trees can add aesthetic and economic value to your property. On the other hand, it is important to realise that poorly maintained trees can offer a significant liability. Please contact us for more information about tree care on 07855 859983.

Stockport Tree Surgeons

Tree Removal Stockport

Thinking of removing trees? We are tree surgeons with over 19 years in the trade. This has allowed us the opportunity to build up a trusted local reputation for the services that we deliver. Are you looking for help with:

  • Tree felling
  • Hazardous tree removal
  • Pruning and reshaping
  • Stump grinding
Removing trees Cheshire

These services are available to all domestic and commercial clients. We tailor our services to each specific job. However, we bring our professional approach and vast experience to each. This ensures that the project is completed in a timely manner. This avoids as much disruption for our clients as possible.

This is a tree removal project in Bramhall, Stockport. The first image shows how incredibly tall the tree had become. It was now unmanageable for our clients and their request was to bring it down safely.

Stockport Tree Surgeon

What to consider for tree removal?

There are so many considerations, but the major ones are all based around safety.

  • You need to consider the proximity to the following:
  • Any buildings
  • Footpaths and public using them
  • Roads and cars using them
Stockport Tree Surgeons

We successfully removed the large tree. The images show the process to which this happened and the result we achieved. When we are removing trees, all of the material is taken away, unless our clients request us to leave it. It is our aim to ensure the smooth running of the tree removal process. This is both before the work starts, during the work and once the project has been completed. We offer ongoing customer care, and this has formed a huge part of our business over our many years.

Building a respected local reputation is absolutely paramount. If you have any questions about our tree surgery services or would like to request a quote for tree removal, please call today on 07855 859983. We offer a free, no obligation quotation process and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Problem Trees Wilmslow

Problem Trees Cheshire

Established trees in any garden can often become forgotten. Hidden behind shrubs and bushes, they are left for years and years, growing at a fast rate. It is so often the case that clients feel their trees became problematic quickly. Furthermore, once they were realised to be a problem that it was too late.

This is where we can help. We were invited to help remove this problem tree in Wilmslow, Cheshire. The tree had grown up the fence. This image shows just how large the tree was when we came to assist in its removal.

Problem Tree Wilmslow

As with our other tree removal jobs, a plan was formed in order to bring down the tree. This was completed carefully and successfully.

What is a Problem Tree?

The issues that can be caused by trees range in their complexity and severity. A tree may be problematic even by the fact that it has just grown too big and become unmanageable.

Problem Tree Cheshire

It may be casting shadow onto your property or in fact those who live around you. The roots may be causing problems for buildings, driveways or other dwellings. You could be concerned that loose branches could fall and damage property. Another alternative is that the tree may have become diseased or may have even died.

Each of these issues can be problematic and may leave an individual looking for the help of a reputable, local tree surgeon. We are able to provide the assistance needed to deal with the problem tree. We take great pride in our work and have varied experience in the trade.

Problem Trees Wilmslow

Would you like to arrange a free, no obligation survey?

We aim to make it easy to contact us; you can call, e-mail, fill in an enquiry form. You can make contact through our social media. We will visit your property and provide you with a detailed quotation to complete the work.

We look forward to the opportunity of working with you.

Removing Fallen Trees Wilmslow

We were asked for our help to remove this fallen tree at Newgate Kennels and Cattery Ltd in Wilmslow, Cheshire. Fallen trees can provide many problems and can be dangerous if not tended to quickly.

How to Remove a Fallen Tree

Some might ask the question as to why you need to remove a fallen tree first. As well as it being an eyesore, it can also provide hazards. Further falling can occur, causing injury. It is also more than likely that the fallen tree is providing an obstruction. This means that it needs to be removed and the help of professional tree surgeons is often needed.

Firstly, it is important to ensure that you make the area around the tree safe. A fallen tree really can provide further danger and it is important that this is managed appropriately.

Removing Fallen Trees Cheshire

You then need to start chopping the tree. There are a few considerations that need to be made for this. It is a good idea to start from the top to remove the tree’s branches. You can then work your way down until you have removed all tree branches. The tree trunk can then effectively be divided into manageable sections. Keep in mind that these should narrow as you get further down the trunk and it gets larger.

Once this process is complete; you will need to decide what is happening to the wood. If the wood can be re-used many will store it to use as fire wood. This is not always required or reasonable and so therefore disposal needs to be appropriately planned.

If you choose to keep the wood; make sure to move the pieces to a safe, dry area. Moving the wood can sometimes be problematic so careful planning is best.

If you choose to dispose of the wood; we are able to help grind the chunks into sawdust. This is then taken away for your convenience.

If you need help with removing fallen trees, please call today on 07855 859983.

A Day in the Life of a Tree Surgeon

Tree surgery work needs to be accessible all of the time. Damaged or dangerous trees do not only happen in sociable hours. This is why we are open for business 24-hours per day. While we have our usual work load, we are also fast acting for emergency tree surgery work throughout Cheshire.

A large number of our clients get in contact during the winter months as they feel as though it is more realistic to remove tress while their leaves are not on. They may feel as though it creates less mess and is more manageable. Therefore, we are always on hand to help; come rain or shine.

Tree surgery work Cheshire

This is a project we recently undertook. The trees had become too large and problematic. We carefully and skilfully took down the trees. These images show the process we followed and the difference it made. The area is now more open, lighter and brighter. There are no longer issues related to the tall trees and our clients were so pleased.

Some may not even realise the changes tree removal can make. Did you know that we undertake all aspects of tree surgery? Our work is completed to British Standard 3998 and we are fully insured to £5,000,000. This offers our clients absolute certainty that they are dealing with a professional Company. Our staff are exhaustively trained in all aspects of our work and we take great pride in our work.

Can tree removal be done in the Winter months?

While there may be some additional considerations; yes, tree removal and tree surgery work can absolutely be completed in the winter months. There are cases where the work is more straight forward when completed in the months where the trees do not have their leaves.

The colder weather may mean we need to be more rigid about safety or plan around the icy conditions. However, rest assured that we can undertake our work in almost any conditions. Call today to enquire about our services on 07855 859983.

What makes a professional tree surgeon?

There are many elements of the tree surgery trade. Each of which allows individual companies to provide a valuable service for both domestic and commercial clients. Individuals often consider it to be too much of a dangerous task take on themselves.

It is, however, pivotal that every element of the provision is taken seriously. This includes safety and consideration of impact on local dwellings. We have put together the following information to show what makes the difference so that we stand out as professionals.

  • Time-served experience
  • The ability to offer domestic and commercial work
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage
  • The fact that we own all of our own machinery
  • The way in which we operate our business; using sign written vans
  • Our professional manner and hard-working ethics
  • Our friendly and helpful approach
  • Evidence of our previous work
  • Testimonials from previous clients, happy to recommend our services

Find Confidence in our Approach

Each of these elements helps to provide our future clients with assurance when selecting a Company to complete their tree surgery work. When you are hiring a company, confidence in your selection is incredibly important.

These images show a job that completed in Wilmslow. The trees had become incredibly unmanageable and our clients needed help to transform the plot. The series of pictures show the machinery required, the work involved and in fact, the incredible result achieved by our skilled staff.

Tree Surgeon Wilmslow Tree Surgeons Wilmslow Tree Removal Wilmslow Removing problem trees Wilmslow














Tree surgery WilmslowThe location of some trees is sometimes very challenging. There are many elements that need to be considered including public pathways, dwellings and tree protection orders. It may be that the problem trees are on an area fall on local council land.

We work with our clients to ensure that the best result with minimal disruption to their daily routines. If you would like to enquire about our services, please call today on 07855 859983.

Tree Surgeon Stockport

A reputable tree surgeon is an incredible asset. There are many elements of the work that can go wrong and the results can offer terrible consequences. We were asked to fell this Sycamore tree in Stockport. From the first image you can see how large the tree was beside the house.

Overgrown trees are knowingly problematic. The trees can restrict the light and the roots can cause problems for paving and buildings alike. Our client wanted the tree to be felled and wanted to find out more about their options.

Tree Surgeon StockportThe following images show the stages of the tree removal. Our skilful staff are trained in order to complete the process carefully and safely. We use all of our own machinery which is cared for and looked after in order to ensure its safety.

We take great pride in our work and enjoy taking on challenging tree surgery work. You will find that a lot of our competitors are not able to take on some of the larger tree removal work. Proximity to your house can play a pivotal role on the success of the job. Loose or falling branches can cause damage to your home so it is vital that this is avoided.

Once the tree had been cut down, the light flowed into this beautiful home. As part of the service we remove all of the branches. We have incredible wood chippers that successfully break down the branches. This powerful machinery is carefully selected through our experience in the trade.

Can We Help You?

Are you looking for tree surgeons serving Stockport? We have many more images of the local work we have completed on our Facebook page. Our aim is to make it easy for you to enquire about our tree services; we will answer your questions promptly. Get in touch today to find out more about how we can help you on 07855 859983. We are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day!

What to do with Problem Trees and Hedges

It’s that time of year where many of our clients are ensuring that all work for their garden is planned for. Much of your garden work will be possible for you to complete. This is not always the case for problem trees and problem hedges. It may be that they are too tall for you to reach safely. Or it may be that they have overgrown to a point that is a challenge for you to manage.

A lot of our clients comment on the fact that they have not considered the waste created from such garden work. Once you start to prune trees and hedges, it soon becomes evident the sheer amount of green waste that is created. There is no way that your twice-monthly green bin collection can keep up with these requirements.

Therefore, a problem in itself can be created. Total Tree Services are happy to help with all your problem trees and hedges. We offer free estimates and good advice. We are fully insured, and our staff are fully trained.

Removal of Problem Trees and Hedges

This image shows work that we recently completed. We aim to make contact with us quick and easy. We are available anytime on via telephone on 07855 859983. You can contact us through Facebook or even through our contact form.

Removing problem trees StockportWe work hard to offer a service that exceeds your expectations. Our skilled staff are friendly and professional and will always go above and beyond to ensure that we offer the best-possible service.

Have you got trees that you consider being a problem? Enquire today; our advice would be to try and plan ahead.

We come to survey the work in order to offer a full and detailed quotations for the work due to be carried out. There are no hidden charges and we offer an open approach to all elements of our tree surgery work.

Tips for Dealing with Overgrown Trees

As time-served tree surgeons for Stockport, Manchester and Cheshire we are well-versed in what to do with overgrown trees. The important thing is to ensure that we offer valuable tips and advice on what you should do when faced with an overgrown tree.

Overgrown trees StockportThis may have been a property that you have just moved into or may be a tree that has been in your possession for many years. Either way, they aren’t always problematic. You may just want to ensure that you are in a position to appropriately care for your tree, rather than remove it.

Are the tree branches blocking light? Maybe the branches are blocking the view to your home? It may even be the case that your tree is overhanging a boundary into a neighbours garden.

We have put together these helpful tips on how to deal with overgrown trees;

Know your rights: any land owner is responsible for vegetation grown on their land and can be held accountable for that growing onto roadsides. If this growth goes onto public land, you may receive requests from your local council to deal with the problem.

You are also within your right to cut back any material that grows over onto your property boundary. By common law you must offer to return the cut material. However, if  there is any ongoing damage to the tree or hedge, you can in some cases be responsible.

Top tip: always check whether the tree that you are trimming is not under a tree preservation order. If it is, you will need consent from your local council to begin any work.

Undertake regular work: it is far easier to keep on top of large trees. This is possible in most cases, but exceptionally large trees may require the assistance of professional tree surgeons. In the cases where you are able to maintain the tree, ensure to trim branches regularly. Use machinery safely and always take your time. Disposal of the cut material needs to be done in the appropriate manner.

If you require the help of a time-served professional, we invite you to call Bostock Total Tree Services on 07855 859983.

“Fantastic company, a pleasure to do business with can highly recommend” John Smailes

Tree Reshaping and Pruning Tips

It is not always necessary to completely remove a tree. It may be the case that once it has been successfully pruned and re-shaped that it will be much more appropriately sized. Not every over-grown tree needs to be taken down, so reshaping and pruning is a cost-effective and viable option for many problematic trees.

Tree reshaping Stockport

Please note; if trees are suffering from disease or, are in fact dying, that pruning and re-shaping is not advised. We are happy to discuss all elements of the job with you prior to work commencing. It may be that we have some valuable advice for you that could save or elongate the lifespan of your beautiful trees. Feel free to ask us as many questions as you like; we are passionate about looking after trees and helping our clients to get the most from them.

It is a true fact that pruning, and reshaping is often overlooked. Maintenance of trees while they grow can be really beneficial to their overall growth. Did you know that it can even reduce the need for large-scale pruning in the future?

Tree Reshaping Tips:

Here’s a few tips that you may find useful:

  • Did you know that the frequency and extent of pruning required can be dictated by location?
  • Consider the following re-shaping services; crown reduction, crown thinning and crown lifting.
  • Don’t try to take on huge projects on your own; reshaping large trees can be hazardous and safety should always be put first.
  • Consider a longer-term solution. This is really important when planning ahead as a solution that may best suit right now, may not be the best long-term solution.
  • It is sometimes wise to consider if you have more than one problematic tree. A project that deals with a number of problematic trees or shrubs may work out to be cost-effective for you.

If you would like to arrange a quote or have questions about tree re-shaping please call today on 07855 859983.

Experienced Tree Surgeon in Stockport

These images show a job we completed in Torkington Park, Stockport. The first image shows how large the tree had grown in comparison to the house. This happens over many years but some of our customers report that once the tree becomes problematic, it can mean they need urgent help.

The following images show the process of reduction (and the sheer amount of wood created from that process).

Tree Surgeon Stockport Arborist Stockport








There may be a few different reasons as to why a tree may need felling; these may include the fact that it has died, is dying or has become dangerous. In any of these circumstances, it is pivotal that caution is used when tree felling.

Tree Felling Stockport Tree surgeons Stockport








We have formulated the following four-step guide for felling a tree, however, our best advice is to be careful and never push the boundaries of safety.

Here’s our 4-step Guide to Tree Felling:

  1. The first cut is a horizontal cut, this should be a third the width of the tree.
  2. The second cut is a wedge cut, which should meet the horizontal cut. From this, a piece of wood should drop out which resembles a segment of orange. This will determine the direction the tree will fall in.
  3. The third cut is to the back of the ‘V’ of the wedge cut. Make sure you leave a substantial piece of holding wood (the hinge) of which the tree will pivot and fall. Important: this is determined by the size of tree you are felling.
  4. When the tree starts to fall use your escape route to the safe area. This should be pre-planned and discussed in detail with any other individuals helping to complete the task.

It is highly likely that after reading the above information that you may be feeling overwhelmed. This does depend on the size of the tree, but if you are looking for further advice please call today on 07855 859983.

Are you looking for Tree Surgeons serving Manchester?

Our tree surgery provision covers all of Cheshire and Manchester. We have built up a reputation based around the high levels of customer care and providing an excellent service. In our line of work it is vital to invest in specialist equipment and to build a plan based around the individual requirements of any particular job.

This project we completed in Heaton Moor was a perfect example of this. We completed a Sycamore Section Fell. The Sycamore tree has become very large and problematic.

Tree Surgeons ManchesterWhen viewing the work of tree surgeons, you are often faced with the real thought of how dangerous our trade is. Both the heights and the machinery we use can cause serious injury and just a moment’s distraction can be the cause of that.

It is therefore vital that anyone completing the job has the required knowledge and expertise. It is true to say that not everyone could face the heights to which we work at. This work is not for the faint-hearted!

As discussed above, a plan was formulated in order to complete the section fell based on the tree’s surroundings and the way in which we knew it would be best felled. As each branch is removed, consideration is taken into the safe removal in terms of people and surrounding properties.

Have you got a question about the process of felling trees? Or the services we offer? We aim to answer questions and queries as soon as possible. Feel free to make contact with us on 07855 859983.

Is your Garden in Unnecessary Shade?

With the sunny weather, it may just be that spending more time in your garden that you have noticed your trees have grown. These may be causing unwanted shade in your garden. Try not to miss the opportunity of enjoying the sunshine; our pricing is competitive and comes with our promise of brilliant customer service.

Tree Surgeon Manchester

We are fascinated by arboriculture and take great pride in the work that we complete. We offer a huge range of services; however, we also make sure to offer great customer service, without exception.

Tree Surgeon ManchesterSome of the services that we complete are; tree felling, hazardous tree removal, pruning, reshaping, stump grinding and commercial tree surgery. We are equipped to take on even the largest of jobs which a host of experience in this trade.

We put many short videos of our work onto our YouTube channel. Please take a minute to view these as it shows the huge range of work that we take on. Whether large cranes are needed or whether the access to your garden is restricted; we are confident that we are the best Company for you.

Safety is Paramount; why?

It is easily possible to be injured or worse while completing our work. Many measures need to be put into place to ensure the safety of our team and the surrounding public. Some of the dangers include accidents with chainsaws, falls or being struck by falling timber or trees.

Therefore, without exception, we ensure the following:

  • That our team members are appropriately trained and competent in the work that they complete
  • Our equipment is regularly checked to ensure that it is in good working condition
  • That our team members are using all necessary protective equipment and gear

Further assurances is given in our full insurance up to £2,000,000 of liability, with proof available upon request. All employees are rigorously trained and certified as professional tree surgeons.

You can read more about how seriously we take safety here.

Our tree surgery work covers Manchester, Stockport and Cheshire. If you would like to receive more information or request a quotation, please feel free to call our team today on 07855 859983. We will make sure to answer all questions as quickly and comprehensively as possible.

Tree Stump Removal Stockport

Part of offering the best-available services for tree surgery is having the knowledge of what machinery is most appropriate for different jobs. The other part is having access to these machines as and when they are needed.

That is why Total Tree Services own all of our own equipment. This, combined with a huge range of experience and knowledge about arboriculture means that we complete our work efficiently and safely.

Stump removal StockportWe recently took delivery of our new Bandit stump grinder. These high-powered machines boast a great reputation for delivering exceptional service and results. It is a compact machine which allows use in many settings. Tree stumps aren’t always located in the easiest positions! It also means we are able to get it through side gates comfortably.

Why is stump removal important?

They are unsightly and can be hazardous. Tree stumps generally aren’t attractive; unless they are going to be turned into a feature they can end up becoming a tripping hazard. They can also become a challenge when mowing your lawn.

Stump grinding StockportStumps that are left can decay and attract unwanted insects; after many years insects can take residence in the stump. These may include ants, beetles and termites. In some cases, it has also been known that stumps can harbour disease or fungus. These can sometimes spread to neighbouring plants and kill or damage them.

Some stumps can produce re-growth; some trees that have been cut down can continue to generate sucker growth. This can become a chore to keep on top of both in cost and time. These suckers also absorb nutrients from surrounding plants so, if left to grow, can cause problems for your existing plants.

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Overgrown Trees Stockport

We all take great pride in our gardens and love to see our trees and shrubs grow and mature. But what happens when your once small trees become overgrown and unmanageable? This can, in some cases, become a problem for both the homeowner and their neighbours.

What problems can overgrown trees cause?

  • Large trees can block out light
  • Tree roots can cause problems
  • Problem trees can cause problems between neighbours

These images show a tree removal job that we completed in Stockport. Each of the pictures take you through the removal process. Before starting, it is often a challenge to imagine what the space will look like once the trees have been removed.

Beech Tree Removal StockportThe process is carefully considered prior to commencing the work. The images show how the trees were stripped and then the stumps removed. The beech trees were successfully removed, and our clients were exceptionally pleased with the results and service they received. Their garden was left full of light.

Many of our clients have questions about overhanging trees. Did you know that you are entitled to cut branches that overhang onto your property? The law states that you must offer to return the cut material to the owner. It is also important to realise that if you cause damage or harm to the tree that you can be held responsible by the owner.

Don’t Forget:

To check whether you live in a conservation area or whether the tree/s are protected by a Tree Preservation Order. Further consent will be required if this is the case.

Our advice would be to you would be to contact Bostock Total Tree Services on 07855 859983. We are happy to provide you with information and advice that will help you make the right decision for your trees. Call today to request a no obligation quotation.

Crown Reducing Trees in Cheadle Hulme

Today’s Tree Surgery:

Today we were working at a school in Stockport. Our clients felt as though the height of their trees caused a possible hazard. We had visited the school previously to provide them with a quotation to complete the work. This part of the process is always a great opportunity for us to find out more about the required work, but is also an opportunity for our clients to meet us.

What other benefits does this process offer?

  • It allows our clients to meet us and find out more about our Company
  • The process also allows the opportunity for our clients to ask us questions about our services, the process that will be required and ongoing care

Tree Services are wide-ranging and it is really important that the right service is provided. The project must be approached and a plan formed that is specifically tailored to the individual requirements of the job. This will inevitably produce a better finish and will take into account the stresses put on the trees. All of this will ensure that there is no damage caused.

What did we do?

For this particular job we used crown reducing techniques to prevent large branches from being a hazard in the high winds. We managed to get eight out of the ten trees reduced, but because of the heat, we were struggling.

We will be back tomorrow when hopefully it will be a little cooler so we can finish off reducing the last two. We also plan on stump grinding two stumps, and we may even get chance to fell a Conifer.

Did you know?

Tree pruning inflicts a wound on the tree. The size, angle and position of such a cut needs to be carefully considered. It is really important that you are well-informed when completing such work so that the tree’s ability to withstand such trauma is greatly increased.

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Felling a 150ft Lombardy Poplar

Bostock Total Tree Services were contracted to fell a 150ft Lombardy Poplar in Bramhall Village, Cheshire. The tree was a known landmark within Bramhall but unfortunately had outgrown its location. It had also developed numerous weak unions over the public highway, close to buildings and other hazards.

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