Tree stump removal can be confusing. There is a host of information available on the Internet if you search how to remove tree stumps. It is flooded with advice on different methods to remove tree stumps. However, there does (and many would agree) come a time where the stump is just too large to tackle on your own. Why may you ask for help? Again, if the stump is too large it would be unreasonable to tackle the job on your own. Other reasons may include people’s limitation of time or their inclination.

However, if you are looking for advice on stump removal, the following information should help.

The fastest way of removing stumps is to:

  • Expose the roots; use a shovel to dig next to the stump.
  • Cut the roots; this can be done using loppers or a root saw if necessary
  • Remove the roots, exposing all of the stump
  • The stump can then be dug up and removed
  • The hole or gap left will need to be filled
Stump removal Stockport

Now obviously this is advice for a small tree. If the tree you have cut down is of any size this process will not work. Some other methods include drilling holes into the stump then scooping substances into each hole with boiling water in order to burn the stump material. Substances include bleach, herbicides, stump killer products and more.

It is really important that if you select one of these methods that you invest time reading instructions. It is also important to ensure that you complete the project safely. Some products are dangerous and corrosive and should not be used with pets or children around.

Another method is stump grinding. We are able to help quickly and efficiently remove stumps with our state-of-the-art stump grinder. We have all of our own machinery to ensure we are using the best available. It is also important as we care for and look after the machinery. Call today to enquire about tree stump removal on 07855 859983 to enquire.